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Who Can Access AKO ? – AKO Authorized Users

AKO is essentially a business-level web portal that spans classified and unclassified networks. Access allows users to exchange emails, store and swap files, and participate in discussion groups. It is estimated that most deployed soldiers (at least half) use AKO on and off duty. Army Knowledge Online accounts are required for all incoming troops, and the portal is used for a variety of training purposes throughout an Army career. Army Knowledge Online (Also Called AKO) is the U.S. Army’s private intranet. It is the biggest intranet in the world. The secure intranet is accessed through the Army’s public web page. All soldiers must sign up for an AKO account.

The following list are authorized to create accounts and use AKO Army Knowledge Online:

  • Active Army
  • Army Reserve
  • Army Retired
  • Contracted ROTC Cadets
  • DA Civilian
  • Future Soldiers
  • Medical Retired
  • NAF Civilian
  • National Guard
  • US Military Academy Cadets
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Plus the following are eligible to access AKO Portal:

  • Contractors
  • Army Cadets
  • Army Volunteers
  • Federal Civilian Agencies
  • Non-Federal Civilian Agencies
  • Foreign Officers
  • Homeland Security
  • Incoming DA Civilians
  • Incoming Future Soldiers
  • Local National Employees
  • Those retiring or separating