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How to Register a New CAC

Register a New CAC – To Register a new CAC to your AKO Webmail account, you must be at a computer and access a CAC reader. The CAC software must also be properly installed on this computer. You must also know your CAC PIN and be able to log into an already activated AKO account. What is CAC Card?

Registering a new CAC for your AKO/DKO Webmail account
To Register a new CAC follows these steps:

  1. Log into AKO/DKO with your username and password. If you are having issues with your password, visit our AKO Webmail Password Reset Page for more information on creating an AKO Webmail account; visit our AKO Webmail Account Registration page.
  2. After you have logged in, put your CAC into the CAC reader
  3. The two main types of CAC software are as follows:
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ActivClient Software

  1. Click on your Windows Start menu.
  2. Next, click on “Programs”.
  3. Locate the “ActivIdentity” Folder.
  4. Highlight “Active Client”, and then select “User Console”. A window will pop up. Go to the ‘Tools’ pull-down menu, ‘Advanced’, and select ‘Make Certificates Available to Windows’.
  5. A screen should appear, informing you that your certificates have been made available to Windows. Click on the ‘OK’ button and close out of the ActivClient window.
  6. Move to Step 4 and continue with CAC registration.

Active Gold Software

  1. Go to the Windows Start menu.
  2. Click on ‘Programs’.
  3. Locate the ‘Active Card Gold Folder’.
  4. Select ‘Active Card Gold Utilities’.
  5. Select ‘Tools’, and highlight ‘Register Certificates’.
  6. You will receive a prompt asking if you want to do the task – click on the ‘YES’ button.
  7. You should receive a message that says your certificate has been successfully installed. Click on the ‘OK’ button.
  8. Closeout of the ActivCard utility window.
  9. Move to Step 4 and continue with CAC registration.
  10. Now you are ready to continue with registering your CAC. Go to the ‘My Account’ drop-down menu in your AKO account. Click on ‘Login Options’, then click on ‘CAC-Cert Registration’.
  11. If you see a screen that says: “Current Registered Information”, click on the ‘Clear Registered Information’ button.
    If the screen says you’re not currently registered, click the “Register” button.
  12. At this point, it may ask you to do any or all of the following tasks:
  13. If it asks you to choose a digital certificate, choose the certificate with your name.
  14. If it asks for your Active Client Pin, enter your pin associated with your CAC – this is the number issued to you at the CAC issuing office when you received your CAC.
  15. Enter the most recent password you were issued if it asks for your AKO password.
  16. You should, at this point, see a screen that indicates you’ve registered your CAC.