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How to Find an AKO Email Address ?

How to Find an AKO Email Address Army Knowledge Online (AKO) is a web management system given to all Army personnel and civilians employed by the military. Military users can check their AKO email and view important documents like enlisting, or medical documents once logged into the system. AKO gives users the ability to look up AKO email addresses of former coworkers and other personnel with its “Find a Person Function”. You must first have a valid Army Knowledge Online email account to use this feature.

  1. First, log into Army Knowledge Online by visiting and enter your user name and password. If you need help logging in, check our AKO Login page. Once you have logged in, your personal AKO homepage will appear. Click on the blue book “People” icon located at the top of the page next to “Video” and “Help”.
  2. Next, enter all the user’s information on the “Find a Person” screen. Type the first and last name of the person you are looking to find in the appropriate box and click the box labeled “Current Region”. Once this button has been clicked, scroll down the list until you have located the area closest to the person you are trying to look up.
  3. Next, click on the grey “Find” button.
  4. AKO will search for the email address of the person you are trying to find. This may take a few seconds to a minute, so it is important to be patient. The search results will appear in a table on the bottom left corner of your screen. If more than one user has been found with both the first and last name, you will have to narrow the recipients by clicking on the “Rank” or “Middle” column. By clicking on either of these columns, the users will be ranked by their respective rank or middle name. Once you have located the person you are looking for, locate his AKO email address under the “Username” column.
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